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You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen

I take my photos I am my photos :heart:


. . . Magic . . . by secrets-of-the-pen

This is SO amazing, the best Jackson portraiture I have ever seen, it is so Beautiful. You captured the innocence, the serenity, the lo...



Annie Bonham
G O D C R E A T E D B E A U T Y :heart:

My Weapons of Choice :
:love: HTC MAGIC :love:
:boogie: Canon Eos 500D :boogie:
:blackrose: Make up :blackrose:
:boogie: Wigs :boogie:
:love: G L A M O U R :love:

All My Work is Taken and Made by and Modeled by Me

:kiss: :love: :hug: :kiss: :cuddle: :glomp:

Current Residence: Los Angeles - stavanger - Samos Los Angeles
Favourite genre of music: Rock N Roll
Favourite photographer: Alberto Hernandez
Favourite style of art: watercolors
Skin of choice: his
Favourite cartoon character: SANDMAN
Personal Quote: People take pictures of eachother just to know they really existed

The List of What happened to TGWTS Girl

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 29, 2011, 2:20 PM
  • Mood: Mortified
  • Listening to: Brandi Carlile
  • Reading: Oscar Wilde - Complete Collection
  • Drinking: Red Bull - SugarFree

All of these lines across my face - Tell you the story of who I am

So I get hundreds of sweet and caring (and probably a little bit curious;)) questions about what happened to me, some people even try guessing before asking ;) I am very grateful for all the amazing, beautiful support from everyone and I am so thankful all the stories of other peoples strifes and troubles and that some of you feel comfortable telling me your stories :heart: The Letters from those of you struggling with Body Images really ReallY inspire me to keep on creating this series and I hope one day everyone will feel as beautiful as I do in their skin.

Everything about me is a story of who I am, what I have overcome, what I battle and struggle with everyday, and I am so Proud of my body cause my handicap is a reminder everyday that I am alive :heart: And I don´t know what is more beautiful than being Alive and still kicking :heart:

´I´m Beautiful in my Way - Cause God Makes no Mistakes´

TGWTS XXVI by dark-angel1349TGWTS XXX by dark-angel1349TGWTS XXVII by dark-angel1349TGWTS II by dark-angel1349

BUT from Serious to Utter SillyNess! ;) :giggle: Me and my family and friends do have fun coming up with stories to tell about how I ended up with over 40% my body cut away. I am missing 30 % of my muscles and 30% of my Lymphatic system, 40 % of my Skin tissue and I have 50mm of skin transplanted and covering my entire abdomen and partially my back, with nothing else holding my intestines and skeleton together. And a medical miracle and IMMENSE training and everyday hard workout on account of the motivation from my amazing 3 year old Angel Athena Benedicte :heart: :floating: :heart: I can walk even tho I have nothing from beneath my breast and dug out lymph and muscles from underneath the skin layer, used for my abdomens donor transplant, from my thighs to knees.


In no specific order

1.     Did you do that yourself?  (BEST EVER GUESS, Still cracks me up:D)

2.     I´m Australian so obviously, Shark attack.

3.     I answered Armin Meiwes, Personal Add and we had a lovely dinner, eating ME! ;).

4.     Burn victim (an obvious guess)

5.     I was in the filming of Piranha. It went horribly wrong.

6.     I sold all my disposable organs, and the surgeon was a bit dodgy and ´trigger happy´.

7.     I was inhabited by a  "Goa'uld".

8.     I did an ozzy, Ate a bat, but it went bad, the bat wanted out.

9.     I tried suicide on the railroad tracks, I survived. (this actually happened    with a  friend and now he has no legs :sadangel:...)  

10.    Dont drink Acid kids, it wont go well.

11.    I got gangrene in my bellybutton.

12.    An infection gone BadAss.

13.    I am a Zombie attack survivor.

14.    Nectrotizing Facilitis.

15.    I tried out a Liposuction Home-kit.

16.    I really wanted a date with Marilyn Manson. (I wouldn´t have said no;) :P but it isn´t  what happened;))    

17.    Bear Wrestling.

18.    A magic act gone wrong.

19.    In the real life Chainsaw massacre.

20.    I have an enemy who´s kick ass at Voodoo.

21.    I´m so Intense at the Butterfly! (swimming)

22.    When I was a teenager I was a Witch and tried out a Thinner Spell

23.    The tattoo artist misunderstood when I came inn and asked for Scarification.

24.    Given birth to a "Screamer" (- the  movie Screamers)

25.    I got stranded in the mountains after a plane crash, and I pulled the shortest straw.

26.    Napalm.      (ooooh still not quite funny that... sorry bout that)

27.    I got sick of my old look, so I changed it up abit.

28.    Picasso was in charge of my designing in heaven that day.

29.    I had sex with SuperMan.

30.    I actually AM Urania Blackwell (aka ElementGirl)

31.    Sweeny Todd didn´t get to finish me off.  

32.    ´It rubs the lotion on it´s skin.´   (necessary link:… )

33.     Went hunting with Dick Cheney.

34.     I am a clone.

36.     I am Bionic.

37.     I am here for John Connor.

38.     Intimate game gone wrong. (To hot Wax)

39.     Used to be a Police Canine trainer.

40.     Setting Fire to your guitar on stage isn´t as easy as it looks.

41.     Some exotic, never heard of disease.

42.     My Belly Exploded when I gave birth.

43.     God said SMITE them! and he meant me.  (Don´t tell lies or you´ll Pay one day;))

44.     New Years Fireworks Accident.

45.     Werewolf accident. Full Moon tonight. Watch out ;)

46.     Research tatoo´s before you get one.

47.     Born a siamese twin.

48.     Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. .........The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!  

49.      I fell asleep in a tanning bed.

50.      When I saw you my Heart fell and jumped out of my body for me to give to you.

....... and the list goes on and on ..... if you have any good guesses, please do tell ;) :giggle:

The real reason Might be there, Might not. Doesn´t really matter why I am this way to you, but that I love my body and am proud of this body God made just for me matters. And when you look in the mirror next time,  Remember BEING ALIVE is beautiful. You can make Anything happen as long as you ARE ALIVE! :floating:


Togetherness by dark-angel1349
All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am
Oh but these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to
It's true...I was made for you

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak

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